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Moose Hunting
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Hunting for Canadian Bull Moose in BC

Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting starting at $7950

British Columbia has been long known for it’s high density of Canadian Moose. All of our territories have excellent Moose hunting.

Sizes vary from camp to camp, as well as densities of the moose. Mature bulls range from 40 – 55 inches.

Being surrounded by over 200 lakes and 5 major river systems, we guarantee we have a Moose hunt for you. Either, early season spot and stalk, peak of the run, or late season migration hunts take place from either our base camp or one of our remote spike camps.

Hunters are transported by vehicle to remote locations or a truly remote river hunt.

Any age or physical ability can join this hunt.

New this year, we are offering a hunt for Shiras Moose. The Shiras moose is found mostly in southwestern British Columbia, Canada around the Kootenay and South Okangan regions and down to the US border. The Shiras moose has the smallest body and antlers of any North American moose. The body color is a rusty yellowish-brown, with a pale brownish saddle.

Booking for 2018

Canadian Moose Hunt 7 day 2 on 1 - $6950
Canadian Moose Hunt 10 day 1 on 1 - $8950

Booking for 2019

Canadian Moose Hunt 10 day 2 on 1 - $7950
Canadian Moose Hunt 10 day 1 on 1 - $10950

NEW Shiras Moose Hunt - view hunting rates for current pricing


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Canadian Moose HuntMoose Hunt
Canadian Moose HuntMoose Hunt
Canadian Moose HuntMoose Hunt
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