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Guide School Schedule
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Hunting Guide School Schedule and Dates

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Guide School

Approximate Dates for 2018

July 7 to 11 module 1

July 14 to 18 module 1 
July 21 to 25 module 2 

Students will arrive and depart on the days prior and after the above dates.

Each module is 5 days in length

All food and lodging is provided

Participants must be fit and should enjoy living in outdoor conditions.

Students arrive Sunday afternoon, there will be a camp orientation and dinner.


Module One Description

Day One

7:00 am Breakfast

What is an Outfitter?: Industry orientation and standards, equipment and gear of a hunter, guide and outfitter personal gear, review for module 1

12:30 Lunch Break
Wrangling Orientation and Horsemanship: basic knots, basic horse safety, catching and releasing, saddling, mountain riding safety and skills, how to safely guide clients
17:30 Dinner Break

Evening trail ride and campfire
(this is a great time for discussions on any topics covered throughout the day )


Day Two

6:30am Students catch horses 7:00 am Breakfast

Horse Care: Basic hoof care, hoof trimming, instructor will demonstrate and students will get some hands on practice

12:30 Lunch Break

Horse Packing Skills: orientation to gear, diamond hitch, basket hitch, barrel hitch, Saddling the pack horse

17:30 Dinner Break

Evening trail ride with packhorses


Module Two Description

Students will be required to arrive the night before, to ensure a good early start

Day One

6:30 am Students catch and saddle horses 7:00 am Breakfast

Pack up to head to spike camp: personal gear, grocery, camp equipment, saddle horses

Ride Out

12:30 Trail Lunch
Upon Camp Arrival: students take care of horses, camp set up, students prepare dinner
17:30 Dinner Break

class will be divided into two teams for camp chores


Day Two

6:30am Students catch and saddle horses 7:00 am Breakfast

Camp: Camp living and cleanliness orientation
Head out for a daily ride

Daily Topics: map and compass work, route finding, mountain riding skills

12:30 Lunch Break on trail

Leading: Students will gain experience in leading the group
late afternoon return to camp

17:30 Dinner Break

students share in camp chores

Coming in 2018 - Module 3 - Details to be posted soon.

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