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Hunting for Cougar and Lynx in BC, Canada

Cougar Hunting

Cougar Hunting Starting at $9950

Hunt the backcountry for Cougar. We hunt several of the best Cat area's of B.C. with traditional hounds. Our guides are experienced houndsmen that love the pursuit. BC holds many of the record book entries for Cougar. Our increased Deer population has increased the cougar population to what it is today which offers a great opportunity for today’s adventure hunter!

Come hunt Cougar with BC Guide Outfitters in Dec or early Jan. Canadian Lynx can be made into a combo. Some times wolf.

Hunt dates can be confirmed, but best results are achieved if the hunt can be booked on standby notice. During your adventure, you'll be staying in warm cozy cabins or in a spike camp depending on the area hunted.



This Hunt can be made into a Cat combo of Cougar and Lynx.

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Lynx Hunts

Lynx Hunting Starts at $4950

Our territory holds a great population of Canadian Lynx. We use spot and stalk with hounds and experienced houndsmen running our hunts. We also do spot & stalk hunting for our lynx.

These hunts showcase the awesome northern Canadian wilderness.

Hunts are conducted out of cozy warm cabins and transportation is 4x4 trucks and snowmobiles. Clients should prepare for a physically fast-paced hunt. Canadian Lynx have exceptional fur quality that is sought after world wide. Our Lynx hunts are conducted in December and early January.

This hunt can be mixed in some cases with the Winter Wolf hunting or the Canadian Trapline Adventure.

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